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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Thursday - Seems like the longest day so far! Royal Free! KPA fair!
Crocus Wall
What a day so far! between going swimming on Wed morning & then sleeping this afternoon it seems like a week has gone by..

Today, Thursday !!!

Dialysis as normal, got on OK, pumpspeed OK Mr Patels wife had brought in some home made indian food so we had a few nibbles of both savory & sweet cooking. Hmmm succulent. A few of us at Fresenius Camden plan to go out for a meal, possibly with some of the staff! The idea is that each person chooses a different location each time, within reasonable distance & price, of course.

Made a change.. He said I could take some home with me, but I forgot.
As it was, when dad picked me up I went straight to the Royal Free Kidney Patients Association Autumn fair, held in the hospital Atrium.. I spose it can pass as an atrium, it's got a glass roof!
Autumn "fair" a bit of a cheeky term to use, basically charitable second hand books, videos, & general riff raff:) , raffle, tombola, Leaflets, you get the picture!

Got 3 Red Dwarf vid's for £1.50 (Yes!!) including a free sports bag, which they were giving away!!! OK, it's only a 'homechoice holiday villa bag,' but what the hell, just what I need for my towel & trunks when I go swimming!
Mum picked up some small cups I think she was thinking of my fluid restrictions.
Amazingly the person on the stall was a Maylaysian nurse called Joy Foo, who I hadn't seen for about 4 or more years. She's retired but still involved with the hospital.
My main recollection of her is going away with a group of other kids on a trip to Fairthorne Manor YMCA for a week! She was one of the carers with us, along with her very dodgy cameraman husband!

Didn't hang around much longer apart from having a chat with the Chairman of the KPA. Am gonna liase with him about a few things.

Came home, had a cuppa & went to sleep for a few hours
Spag boll for supper & then it's Never Mind The Buzzcocks at 10!! :) YAY!!

MacExpo tomorrow, will I come back with a bargin laptop, who knows!!

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Hmm Maybe I should have put this post in damn_dialysis

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