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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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MacExpo another day out
What a long day it seems
Set off for Mac Expo around 11ish.
Tubed it there, got off the tube & FREE ORGANIC APPLES were being handed out.
Tasty, I think part of the move to make computers greener, with low energy use & less screen emissions etc. I believe

registered free entry, so no problems there.
Good look round, stopped a few times, had a snack & a drink

Capital Radio were there with their broadcasting bus (a red bus with a studio in. As well as the Nike/iPod van! Black & supposedly cool. I think personally that the whole Nike iPod thing IS just a style scam.. The iPod is great, but that's a bit too far!

Pretty good turn out, said hello to the people at the Mac User Groups stand, lots of popular names, Adobe, Epson, HP, Wacom (the Wacom graphics tablets & touch screens are GREAT) etc
Didn't take my camera, unusual, but did have a look at the Nikon stand. Some nice camera's including a new model, similar to mine
the Nikon S10. When I say similar to mine it's foldable so you can lift it & still take pictures. GREAT for taking photos above crowds, from a better angle.
Also short vids which. According to the site are only limited by the size of the memory card!

Well I am very tempted. similar to my old camera, but more compact!

Not cheap at the price, £235 - £250 depending on memory card size & extra's .
Although with batteries, SD cards & cables dropping in cost every month it seems.
I guess if you use it a lot it will soon pay itself off in time...

Surprisingly, the prices for my Camera, (a Nikon Coolpix 4500 this camera's predecessor, which is discontinued, doesn't seem to be dropping that fast!
Could be a bargin deal when the prices DO drop

:) you can see I'm a sucker for plants & tech :)

Usual stuff, freebie bags, pens etc, etc.. Got a free paper sample pack of the HP stand, always good:)

Fish & chips, spring roll, late night shopping with mum. Got myself a sandwich for dialysis tomorrow. I can only eat bacon & egg so many times. It gets boring.

Right, that's it..
Damned Dialysis in t morning. I HAVE emailed my doc again so we'll see. Next week may have something to say about that.