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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The weekend - Well my weekend
My weekend, well it's my 2 day gap between Sat & Tue off dialysis. So for me it IS a weekend has been pretty relaxed.
The odd ache & pain, but I think that's just muscular.
Luckily NO temperature NO high BP.
More likely RSI from too much time here! &
Although we were all a bit tired after traveling through London on Friday.

Events :
Well nothing planned between not & Faye's BD (YAY woohooo,).

I'm so glad I got the train tickets sorted, for some reason the whole process of booking them was really stressing me. Perhaps because I seem to be having problems concentrating sometimes.
Other than that, nothing on although maybe seeing a friend or 2.

Jake, one of my oldest friends is doing an Royal Horticultural Society course.
The RHS courses are fairly intense & I think it's the first time in his life he's studied so hard, he always seemed to be a bit behind & a clown when we went to school together! People can mature I guess! Although he's still a clown he's great at writing, poems & stuff like that. As well as a good drummer.
Home made sandwiches for Brunch tomorrow, makes a change from bacon & egg on dialysis. It does get monotonus after such a long time.

Too many weeks now!

Other than that, eat, sleep, go out, shop, read, chat, TV yada yada!
A usual weekend!
Dialysis tomorrow & counseling on Wed! I just can't keep away from hospitals.
Counseling has been rather patchy, I missed one appointment, my fault, & then my counsellor was away a week!!
It's going OK, but weather or not it's going anywhere for me, I don't know