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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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On the topic of Christmas Gift ideas!
Well that thing we call Christmas is near, & Good ol Kris Kringle or St Nick, depending on your belief, I know you've all done your XMas shopping, but apart from the usual Argosing, Ebaying, Froogleing google, the frantic going round stores!

Actually, stuff that' it's the small things & thought that counts anyway! Not the money (although small change for a cup of tea is always welcome!!)
Here'a few links that might be fun

However there will be another post on a more serious note, & thats a more priceless gift then anything that money can buy.

Watch this space.

I hope you enjoy the links below.

Hawkins Bazzar

Lot's a kiddies stuff, & a few things for the older kids among us, oh & the Adults :)

& the old familiar Doghouse:

7 Day Shop
For those, things that go with presents, like batteries, cables, memory cards, chargers! :)
The prices are great & VAT free on orders under 18 quid!

Not good, try something a little greener
Weleda UK offer some great gift packs of natural biodynamic cosmetics, the best you can get.
Their online store has been down for a while, but give them a call & they'll be happy to oblige

Or how about a fun practical toy from CAT, the Centre for Alternative Technology
Mini Solar power & wind models, & lots & lots of other stuff, the book on Wizardology rather caught my eye!

Or try the Good Gifts Catalogue were you can "buy" everything from a Donkey in Africa, or a goat, beehive or chicken, as well as a lot of other stuff (around the world, including the UK) then check it out!

Also check out my links for Hug UK, GreenFibres, & Gossypium!

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Shh on the Hawkins Bazaar one ;) Am ordering a couple of friends pressies from that site, it's a cool one that's for sure :)

A couple of other good ones are Prezzy Box and I Want One Of Those .. bought pressies from them both, though this year is the first time for Prezzy Box.

Oooh more links!
I is honoured!
IWOOT of course I forgot!

& yes HB is naughty but nice Oh what it would be to spend money on those silly little things!
Whoopie cushion (I do think the adult size space hoppers might be fun for next year! :))
We used to have such fun on those!

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