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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Regular Monday- EPO dosage Cut
Not a lot to say, made a start at tidying my room, & sorting out stuff for the winter (bagging supper hats & suchlike) although not all go away as I need to keep the sun off, even in winter!
The dialysis saga continues, bloods done & I got a call from the hospital saying my Hb (red blood cell count) was HIGH.. The blood test was done on Thursday, last week. This is not too bad, but if it gets any higher there is a risk of clotting (in my blood stream) which is NOT good. Still, now they've told me they've cut my dose of EPO, erythropoetin, a drug normal produced by the body by the kidneys.
I now receive a synthesised version
It is costly with the average cost per patient being, around 10'000 dollars

Looking at the price of Blueberries, I've decided we MUST have some blueberry bushes /plants for next year! Their are a complete rip off in the shops! & ideal for growing in containers!

Finally got out at dusk with mum to get some shopping. We do worry about her, she's decided she has to loose weight, which we've heard before, but I really hope she does. She never goes to the doctor, & both my parents are getting on in age!

I've also printed the form for a parking bay to go with my blue badge.
I hate doing these things but for a worst day after dialysis, with a low BP, it does rather justify it.
My BP was 55/30 post dialysis, with a pulse of 70! which IS low!

I'm also still working on home dialysis, AND a laptop grant AND claiming for travel costs for dialysis. I'm entitled by the regulations to those! But it shouldn't be such a hassle !!

Oh AND the home dialysis.. I wish people would just sort it out!

I have also, thought about another kidney, live donation, off a family member or friend?? With live donation more or less anyone could, in theory give a kidney, if willing & if the match is reasonable!

Right, off for the highlight of the day! The Simpsons,
Meatloaf tonight! The FOOD, not the music!