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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Well, it seems like a long enough day.
Swimming this morning, (Jake called after I went out the door, early for him) then off to counseling, after breakfast, it seems to be helping a bit with, well stuff! Seems like I've got some pretty good mates online, in response to a few things I've asked about.

Other than that, swimming is good exercise but today it seemed to wear me out.
I DID push myself a bit, not too much, but 'one more lap' on my back/front seemed to be. I'm not a balanced swimmer, going off at an angle rather than a straight line.. Ever seen a dog chasing it's tail!! No I'm not that bad.. Getting a little better.

Wether or not it's worth me getting a pass to the pool is debatable, although it probably is as it's costing me around 3 quid a session!
Something to look into.
Given someone advice on doing your own injections today, so that made ME feel a bit better.
I'm also thinking of stuff for the weekend etc, what to wear! Haha! & a few bits to nibble on the train!

Simpsons & Pizza, sounds good to me!

It seems only the neighbour's power is effected, when we came back from shopping the house was candle lit. Lucky for us. They are replacing the victorian water pipes around London, & have finally got to our road! Great business for Mr Murphy & Co