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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hot & Cold Inside & Out
Sometimes I see myself as a complete mess,

Have I got cold after all these years, of being ill,? Of pretending to be OK.
faking the 'normal' life to those around me!
Who knows me anyway, very few!
Is it the pain I've had in the past that chills me
I know things that I should cry for, yet I don't, I get angry, but I don't show it very well! Yet other's curse shout & cry, & & what to I do,
I have love & hate to give, but I can't.
What fucking mess!
They said I was, mature for my age, when I was younger..
What the fuck does that mean!
Because I didn't have a favourite rock band, because I didn't like sports!
What the hell is that all about!
Only a few times did hell break loose from my soul, a sight to see!
& now I WANT to break free from these restraints!
I need to be myself, but I don't know who I am!

(somewhat poetic crap, but love it or hate it, or just go away!)

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My favourite poems (that I've written myself) are ones that just flow out, ones that just say what I'm feeling, even if they're not "poetic".

I like it; I've felt like that - the bit about being "mature for my age" - always annoyed me when people told me that!

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