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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A life in the day of!
Not too bad a day, fairly relaxed.
Saw the renal counsellor, Rebekah after a light lunch.
Then stopped at the clinic, it's a transplant AND PD clinic, but only to pick up a travel claim form. so I can get back my travel expenses.
Then stopped by Devonshire ward, where I spent 10 weeks last year *shudder* to say hi to Michael, a fellow heamo patient from Fresenius Camden (damn Fresenius, Damn them!), he's been there for 2 weeks, it's an incredibly boring place. TV is provided by Patient Line, one of the biggest RIP OFF's Ever, it's cheaper to by a portable TV if your in there for more than 2 weeks!
£4.50 per day (the site says £3.50 they've upped it) for TV, & if you don't watch it in 24 hours, it expires! & they are SO happy to take credit card details.
Biggest SCAM that exists What a rip off
See page for all the call rates for phone & internet!

Came home had tea, called Ingrid (ingridiana in my friends list) & had a good long hour+ chat. ( It was at least an hour! Looks like I'll see ya soon Ingy :)
Had chicken with garlic & tomato sauce, with veg pilau rice..,:)

OK I had a curry, had you fooled there!

Simpsons treble bill (not listed on the Radio Times) but not complaining..
& now I'm a blogging!
A busy , but relaxed day!

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How has the home dialysis been going? I'm sure you are anxious to get things going. Has your dialysis center improved any? Sounds quite awful from your previous posts!

The home dialysis isn't going, yet & as far as I know it's likely me & the other patients from Whipps Cross will be stuck at Fresenius Camden.
All I can do is keep emailing my doc, ask questions.
There's a few slight improvments, very minor like changig the sandwich suppliers (allegedly) & realising that some people might want biscuits with tea.
Recently, they've lost our bloods as the courior didn't turn up on time. The front door has also been vandalised!
Oh & they have, I think sorted out the aircon so we are now not dialysiing in a giant fridge. That's today, it was nice & warm
Other than that, I'm dialysing well, & figures OK (I don't know the recent ones!)
Thanks for asking:)

Great talking to you!
aircon is the one thing the designers of our lovely new unit didn't think about - fine if you're a nurse moving about, but if you're stuck under 1 (or more) vents for 3 1/2 hours...

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