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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Very little to blog
But I will anyway, not a lot to say, dialysed smooth, low BP, Lizzy John (thats the nurses name) gets on my nerves, as I always have low BP anyway.
Strange she sort of remotely share the name of my friend, Elizabeth Johnson.
No relation tho, well, not directly!
Dad made a nice Christopher Lloyd recipe pork casserole for supper, succulent:) & great with rice (not to be confused with the actor).
The Great Dixter gardens are well worth a visit IMO.

So dialysis, TV watched a bit of spoof Casino Royal with Peter Sellers & some Star Trek. Finally got my TV plugged into my video player so was able to watch Red Dwarf Yay!

lol Summary, dialyse, eat, snooze, TV, stuff, eat, TV.

Hoping to get a bit of work done, both online & household at the weekend.

Gnight Smegheads!

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I loooooove Red Dwarf! Been hoping to get some of the seasons on DvD for Christmas this year. Wheeee! That relish recipe sounds interesting, you should post it in renal_cooking so we can all try it out!

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