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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The Updated Ethical Seasonal Shopping Guide
Well, love it or hate it, that celebration called Christmas is upon us.
Ali sent me a list of useful links for shopping, please take a moment to check them out & DO scroll down to my comment at the end of the post.


and in addition to those features on my site for CAT, Gossypium, & HUG as well as others, this is what Ali sent:

Here's the list of websites. Do forward them to friends and family you think would be interested. There's some really gorgeous jewelry, beautiful hand-carved ornaments, funky clothes, yummy choccies, all sorts of goodies that I hope will take your fancy! Just buying one item from one catalogue could really change someone's life. So happy shopping!

Mosquito: Trendy Products with a Conscience

Love That Stuff: Fairtrade Jewellry, Clothes & Ornaments

Traidcraft: Fighting Poverty Through Trade

Tearcraft: The Fairtrade Catalogue of Tearcraft

Anjuna: Handcrafted Fairtrade Products from India, Kashmir, Tibet, Nepal and Thailand

WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature): Environmentally Responsible Goods

Natural Collection: Inspiring Products for a Better World

Leprosy Mission: Products made by leprosy affected people to provide them social and economic status that allows a dignified life

The Body Shop: Ethical & ecofriendly toilettries

Arkadash: Fairtrade, sweatshop-free and organic clothing for adults, kids and babies

People Tree: Fair Trade and ecological fashion company

Ethical Superstore: Gifts, gadgets, and groceries that put people - from all points on the globe - and the planet itself first

Silver Chilli: Mexican Fair Trade Jewellry

To find more online shops who are certified by BAFTS (The British Association for Fair Trade Shops) check out this link:

To find shops in your local area who sell fair trade products check out this link:

My comments
I do have mixed feelings about the Fairtrade label, do the airmiles involved justify it as fair to everyone? Maybe I'm always playing the cold sceptic but it's hard to justify completely helping other countries when our own is in unequal poverty in many places.
There is a word that you will see cropping up more often,
PERMACULTURE & that's something we all need to be aware of, the government likes to use the word, sustainability because it sounds good! Usually in reference to money!
Permaculture is global & individual at the same time, it incorporates everything.
If your recycling, buying local produce, & cutting energy, you've already started to towards a sustainable permaculture lifestyle.
I won't deny I'm a sinner when it comes to the environment, we have 3 TV's 2 VHS players, 1 DVD player & 2 computers & a washing machine! As well as a kettle, toaster, printers, copiers/scanner!
But we do a little, we could do more, we recycle, reuse, share & exhange allotment & garden produce (pot of Jam anyone!)

The story continues.

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If you're going to buy coffee, tea, sugar, bananas (okay, dialysis patients don't do bananas...) than surely it's better to buy fairtrade than non fairtrade? It's going to be flown in the same way anyway.
BTW a few years ago I'm sure I heard of a fairtrade scheme helping British farmers get a fair price for their products.

Agreed, it is better to buy fairtrade, or not drink coffee;)(I rarely drink cofee or eat bananas in pur case :), Tho I do like a nice cappacino:)
Its a ongoing balance:)
My tea consumption IS organic/fairtrade, although it could be argued I don't need to do that:) (Drink tea:))

Commentary on Fair Trade and Christian Anarchism

I happen to have a "Google Alert" for any blog that mentions fair trade because I love to keep in touch with it. As for your comment regarding the fair trade market in comparison with America is outrageous! America's wealth is vastly greater than any other third world nation that we are cheating unfair labor out of. As for those people that live in America in poverty, they are among the wealthiest deprived people in the world. The bottom 3% of our nation's wealth is still considered to be higher than 97% of the rest of the world's. On a similar note, 80% of the wealth is owned by 20% of the people and 20% of the wealth (in the world) is owned by 80% of the people. Why? Greed.
As for your confession regarding "being a sinner when it comes to the environment." This is also ridiculous. I happen to associate myself with Christian Anarchism. Don't say you are a sinner when it comes to the environment, just admit that you are a sinner period.
Two links for you:
I don't mean to come off harsh. This is something I am passionate about, however I really do appreciate the links for clothing. Also, There are many places where Fair Trade Coffee is brewed. I can send you a link with whatever city you live in, with a complete directory. I only drink fair trade.
feel free to email me if you would like: acrocker77@gmail.com

I now realize . . .

After reading your profile, that you are from the UK. That does change things, however the same still apply (For the most part).

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