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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Today I have been mainly

Well got up.. felt like crap..

Woke up from a bad dream about being in hospital with 3 catheters in various places, each of them with problems & being messed with by staff. I told you it was a bad dream :(

Crawled out & had some brekky.. took 2 paracetamol with my normal tabs as I felt so crud..

Mooched about a bit and eventually went and slept again on my bed.. Slept till 1:30 & got up to have some home made Leek & Potato soup.. and toast made from bread from the farmers market.. Yummy..

Been raining most of the morning.. Sun's come out so here I am.. Not sure what I'll do this afternoon.. We'll see :)

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Your dreams are as bad as mine .. only mine are always strange!

Check out my dreams journal and you'll see what I mean (user ID fayes_dreams)

I had a strange dream about you the other night. I met you, then I met you and introduced you to each other and explained how I'd met "each" of you, then spent the next part of the dream wondering how come you had never met yourself when we all went to Guys together...

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