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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Madonna video
I'm not usually a great music fan with my tastes being as mixed & eclectic as hell
But I happened to watch Madonna Live at Wembley on TV,, yes I wish I'd been there!

One Music video I might just buy, & yes, it'd be my first, I have a few interactive CD's with vid clips, have occasionally loaned one from the library but not else

Review of it, the release is title Confession, starts of with ponyboys, one on a one attached to a bridle, & Madonna in dominant equestrian outfit with a crop, the dancing & effects, as expected & throughout the show it covered sex, racial & religious equality with guest acts, fantastic dance acts..

Don't watch it if you can't take explicit in the name of pop.

In true Madonna style it ended up with a crucifixion.


DVD doesn't come out until Jan, according to research!! ;)