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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Brain washing! WTF do I bother!
death, danger
Why is it when we live in this supposed day & age of progress & technology, we are so easily brainwashed by what we are fed, rather than thinking for ourselves!!

Never look at the other side of the glass, & just see the reflection, sure I know I do that but at least I KNOW I'm doing it!
It REALLY pisses me of,, OK so I don't agree with a lot of people, does that make me a freak!!

If I'm a freak, Im also a worthless stupid insolent piece of shit!

If I've put my foot in it this time, so be it!


As you can tell I'm a little pissed off right now, handle with care!

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I think I'll go crawl under a dark rock for a while!
I know there are solar flares fucking around, but sheesh!
What a start to the month!

At least I've got a few positive things to look forward to, getting to the end of this cold for one!

get mad boy throw down! lol

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