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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Home Haemodialysis update
An update on my ongoing trip to home haemo, I've had contact with my Consultant regarding home haemodialysis, & after emailing him at the beginning of the week he replied saying he couldn't find my phone numbers (great start!) so I emailed him back with home & mobile numbers.
He said he would call Wed, didn't then kept my phone on Thurs on dialysis & he called, had a good 17 min chat (hmm the wonders of mobile).
and basically this is the situation.

He's not happy about me being at the Fresenius Camden unit & has apologised for not getting back to me. I said I'm going to deal with that, which I will.. ARSE WILL BE KICKED
My brother said why not just leave it, but if it was him staying at a posh hotel fuck knows he'd make a noise about if there were serious problems

Blood results are mostly alright & I'm dialysing well.

Also I will be back at Camden first week in Jan. believe that when I see it!

A technician will come round to check out the house, suitable place for machine, my doc really wants to come as it's all a new thing to him (he does see other home haemo patients but has never had a 'new case' as it were.

Learning curve for both my doc & me, there may be good & bad aspects there.

The conversion will then get done, paid for by local HCA, & there should be some reduction in council tax. Some people have said that the room must ONLY be used for haemo, eg not a bedroom as well, but I'm sure you can have a chair/bed or something. Need to find out how strict the regs are.