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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Kites... Why?
Well I am booked to go to the Swindon International Kite Festival with dad.

Not sure if it will be as good as Bristol was.. Seems like it will attract a lot of nutty buggiers (you guys are mad, !! :D )

However lots of interesting other stuff there and plenty of the less adrenaline based activities..

http://www.whkf.org.uk/FESTindex.html is the link to the fest and anyone who knows me & wants to meet up drop me a line:)

Which brings me onto the topic of my post..

Kites... Why?

I guess for me its a LOT of things

Its outdoors.. Its fun, its something you can do alone OR with friends..

Its something that ALL ages can do.. When I was at Brighton & Bristol fests I was struck by the sheer age range of visitors.. Families with young children. Teens.. Those of the older generation. And a section of all of them were active flyers.. Not just spectators or visitors.

It truly is an activity or sport that brings people together..

Kites have so much historical context and also represent so many things that are GOOD in the world.. Hope, Peace, Freedom.

Yes there ARE kites used for war, but in general this is a small number..

Some links:
http://www.osow.org.uk/ the One Sky One World Kite Day website.. This is an event that takes place annually & globabally

http://www.lightupthesky.co.uk/ A BBC Children in need event.. I've yet to try this.. Mebbe this year if I can get some peeps together :)

Anyone is welcome to come join me

http://aeolian.co.uk/ is another link.. Superb place to start on all things kiting, with pics, links galleries etc..:)

May the wind be at your back (which, incidentally is the RIGHT place for it to fly a kite!.. Yes I have seen people trying to fly a kite with the wind blowing the 'other' way!! :D )