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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The pill, & now there's one for blokes!
The Pill, I'm kinda glad I wasn't born a woman.

The Pill

I came across an article in the Sun Times, which dad buys, (yes I read the style mag ;)) which has a health section.

Male "Pill"

It makes me wonder
A who will take it
B: WILL they take it
C: Why will they take it
D: What effect will it have long term!

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A. Men who don't want to become a father.

B. Yes, if they don't want to have the financial burden of being a father (leaving aside the emotional burden)

C. Because the female contraceptive pill is unsuitable for a lot of women. Also, because contraception isn't the woman's responsibilty; it takes 2 people to have sex, so both should be equally committed to the issue of contraception. And, why _wouldn't_ they take it? Women have been doing so for years.

D. Amazingly, most men have managed not to give too much of a toss about the long-term effects of the female hormonal pill.

I'd be interested to see just how much different the attitude of the scientific and medical community is now that it's for men.

hey there

sorry was just reading back in your journal...you know bryan torfeh?

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