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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Stir Fried Shite
Is how I refer to how I feel when I'm anemic..

I have a hb of around 8. and its crap.. My EPO has been increased to 7000 IU twice a week but if that doesn't do the trick then ???????
Blood? Point is I'm no good to myself or anyone like this so it needs sorting out.

Took my till about midday to feel anywhere near alive. Went to Wood Green, or rather, dad drove me there & back, & got a few bits from Wilko's I needed. Didn't really feel like looking round rest of shops. I guess I should call it 'The Mall' as thats the super imaginative name they've come up with! I prefer Wood Green Shopping City & its old rainbow tree Logo but there you go.

Came home had a bit of soup & a white ham sandwich then went to lie down for a while..
Got up again around 2ish and had a packet of crisps & a pint of ribena. Seemed to revive somewhat on that and did a bit of work on a newsletter. Its almost finished.

chatted for a bit & did some emails. Then went to have supper.. Feeling a bit woozy again now.. I think I probably ought to go & lie down again but I'm gonna hang about a little while..

Got an echo scan in the morning to check my heart. I am just hoping it shows all is OK still. EEEK!

Went for a walk to shops this evening with mum came back with ice cream & chocolate... Oh well...