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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A brief update on haemodialysis.... & stuff
Seems like I will be at Bart's hospital for a while, hopefully training on an AK95 haemodialysis machine for home haemo.

Which, as you can see is quite compact, although not portable. I WANT PORTABLE!

I shouldn't take long to get to know the ropes.
Needling I do already; lining, priming (getting the machine ready), programing (setting the time & how much blood to clean/fluid to remove) won't take that long to learn.

AND my doctor has said he will come & look at the house with the technician before xmas, to access for plumbing, wiring, alterations etc.

For those of you that have just friended me, yep that's part of my life:)

Other stuff, brother is coming down before Xmas, so I've been shopping with dad to 'stock up' as he says & also sorted some of the stuff in the spare room.

I'm quite tired *YAWN* I have to be at the hosp at 7:30 am

Oh & I've off to Ingrids on Sun & seeing my brother, sis in law & nephew soon as well! :D

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Hun, you can't have everything you WANT straight away. The machine, to me, sounds like a start AND in the right direction. Look how long it's taken to get this far, surely it's better then nothing?

There's more I could say, but will spare you ;-)

The irony of it all is that I was supposed to be doing this over 6 months ago, before I got shoved to Camden. Walking out of that **** unit seems to be, at the moment the best thing I've done in along time, despite being unwise, drastic etc.

Now the ball is I hope, rolling & has rolled a little more today:) More on that later!
Amazing, you have mercy :p
The portable will be a new campaign, watch this space :)

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