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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Todays update
Rather awake, so I thought I'd blog!

Todays dialysis went well, as expected they weren't quite on the ball with the fact that I'm supposed to be training for home haemo, but the sister did very well, taking things in hand & letting me & mum watch a machine similar to the one I'll be getting, go through function gets, put the lines on, & then prime the machine ready for use. She talked us through all this & mum commented afterwards that she found it easy to follow. Mum is I think going to be my prime carer, although I'm sure dad will give a hand. Most of the stuff I will be able to do myself anyways.

Getting there at the right time AM is good as we can just wizz straight down to Barts, more or less, & there are disable parking spaces which last 6 hours!

& they provide tea & toast,,, & they provide sandwiches, which even the domestic handing them out says they are rubbish!

Camden, eat my shorts!

I didn't actually dialyse on the machine I'm learning, but on a BBraun. Spent most of the session chatting to Shaun, another patient who is a several years younger than me.
Certainly passes the time, as the other patients don't really chat much.

Watched Star Trek - The Wrath of Kahn On Channel 4 .. Great film.. When it was in the Cinema, I watched it with dad, & we had the whole cinema to ourselves.. :) You don't get that very often!

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I know you don't, but I like Braun machines - mainly 'cos i use it all the time :)

Glad you're getting closer to home-haemo, even if it's just a small step

No no! I love the BBrauns, they're far more musical, they have style, they feel familiar, like this computer I'm using now!
They are my regular machine :)

The Gambro's are classicss of course, & the Fresenius machines just.....
look far more clinical, have no touch screen, & look like they've come out of a computer museum :) And they even have have rather harsh germanic alarms.

Just one big block, at least some of the BBrauns have a swivel screen.

I can't believe I'm writing about the style of haemo machines but what they hey!

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