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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Update, mainly dialysis
Today, was educational.. I lined my machine, more or less, under the supervision of the sister, I don't know what's been said behind closed doors, but they seem to be keen, too keen to be true?, maybe I'm just.. Paranoid!!
Whatever... All went very well, I've got Sean, sat next to me a Uni student studying law, so at least I've got someone to chat to, & tutor, lol.. Most of the other patients are elderly & the unit doesn't have the "spring" that it should, although it's not half as bad as Camden, it's luxury by comparison.

They actually did a 'round' with doctors, sister, dietician, & EPO sister.. I'm impressed, a social worker might have been helpful, if they still have one.
Bloods are all fine, which is great!!

Pretty knackered after starting off at 7 AM, so ate, watched TV & snoozed when I got back!

Had Pizza for supper :) Tasty!

Really looking forward to the weekend :)