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Small Achievments
OK trying to be positive today.. it hasn't been easy at all times. I seem to be getting minor mood swings again.. Not good.

Managed to walk round to the PO this morning.. Though felt like I was dying/running a marathon on the way back:( That really pissed me off.
Still I have got my orders out for:
a) IR lenses for my camera
b) 2 kites! A large rainbow butterfly & a Escheresque design Rokkaku.

Hopefully in time for Swindon Kite Fest....

OK I hear them cry.. He has more money than sense.. Actually this is the cash I thought I was gonna use in the US.. Yup its still a bitter subject with me at the mo.
If I do get well enough to go I will borrow the cash from somewhere.. In the meantime..
I is enjoying it as best I can.. Come join me:D

Had lunch..
Home made leek & potato soup, Pizza.. nice:D

Though I was pretty knackered.. I decided to go out to Crewes Hill with dad..

Got a few things, not exactly what I was looking for but it was a good afternoon out.
Hertfordshire looks pretty good..

Did fall asleep in the car though ..
Came home, had apple turnover & tea which revived me a bit.

Supper.. Chicken & peppers,.. spuds, sweetcorn.. not spectacular..

And here I is:)

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Hope I get the soup when I come down next month :)

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