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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The great weekend!
What a weekend.

My brother came down on Friday with his family, my sister & law & my nephew.
Friday night was just chilling out, watching TV etc..
Mike now drives a ex AA volkswagen van, which is Mike's van
Somewhere during the weekend I watched Star Trek 3! Yep I'm a trekkie!
Saturday dialysis as usual which went quite smoothly. I'm supposed to be learning to line my machine, as is my mum as carer. Went OK on Sat & dialysis went smoothly. We had a really nice homemade vegetarian lasagna on Sat night, with garlic bread & salad.
For some reason I've not been sleeping that well, maybe it's the planets, maybe it's this whole home haemo thing!

I love it when my nephew comes down cos A he's a laugh, & B I get to mess around on his Xbox! :)


Dad drove me down to see Ingrid at Douglas House, well, I'll leave the description out other than it's a fantastic place & there really should be more facilities like it.
Truly a home away from home!
We had a very nice pizza, from a local takeaway, with cheese topped garlic bread! :)
Played a few board games, some of which I won at, some of which I got thrashed :) Table football was also great fun!
Ingrid makes fantastic cards, so into the art room it was for me to have a go, well the first one was a bit of a mess, but cards number 2 & three were OK although I shall post images when I've finished them off!

Plenty of therapeutic chatting, exchanging presents listening to music, then I gave home a call to say they could come & pick me up.
By the time Mike turned up, with my mum & nephew! I was just tucking into a suppertime snack, of bread & cheese & an apple! I would have loved to stay, but had to leave.

After such a busy weekend & not sleeping that well last night, the effects were that me & mum were both snappy, when lining the machine this morning.

I seem to be getting the hang of it, but I really are having doubts about it in the long run. I keep telling myself once its' sorted I can just get on with stuff, I love my mum dearly but she really gets on my nerves 80% of the time!

Came home had lunch & slept till around 6ish! & I really slept well.
Counselling tomorrow, a few people I know will get cards late, but a lot of people will get eCards ;) The good side of technology.

More photos from the weekend 'may' come soon, with permission!:)

Stardate -317920.48

Yep, I've done some stuff on MySpace.. OMG! no wonder I needed to sleep:)

Can you only have 1 audio file!??