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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Upcoming Birthday... Aaargh....
Someone asked me what I'd like for my BD the other day..

Of course I can wish for my health, world peace and all the usual things.. And hey I do anyways :D

Actually I think I have to be one of the hardest people to buy stuff for...

HOWEVER.... heres a rough attempt by me to try & work out what I do & don't like..

Like (general)

Food (esp good quality organic stuff! :) ) I tend to go for quality more than quantity.. For instance someone got me some rather interesting 'honey nuts' (don't laugh) http://www.olivesetal.co.uk/products/details/honey-nuts-320g-jar/75/ for new year.. Rather unusual but enjoyable..

One year I got a rather nice Windchime which at first I didn't go for.. I have to say I rather upset the giver.. The Chime has since grown on me and hangs in my 'woodland garden' area at the end of my parents garden..

Music... My tastes in music were once described (upon seeing a collection of tapes at the end of my hospital bed) as eclectic by a doctor of mine.. I have to say he's not wrong.. I do quite like compilation CD's as gifts as they tend to introduce me to new stuff.

Kites.. OK I'm a kite nut.. I'm asking any traveling friends.. to bring me back kites from their travels.. Especially if they are local to the area.. A lot of cultures have traditional designs of kite. (India, Japan, China, Afghanistan etc..) So if you are globe trotting & see something of the sort.. Think of ME! ..:D LOL I am thinking of 2 people in particular that I know are going abroad but hey ;)

Plants.. My other passion.. Always tricky to buy (has he got one of these already) but usually appreciated.. IF I can find somewhere to put it! :)

As a small diversion.. SEND NO CUT FLOWERS... One thing I LOATHE.. is cut flowers and the industry behind them. If you've grown them yourself they are acceptable.. If not they are the devil's eye candy.. Sinners the lot of you!!

They are appallingly bad for the environment AND highly unethical in production.
Don't stay ignorant.. Get informed..
is a link which sums up some of the typical issues.

If you MUST buy flowers.. check that they are organically grown & sustainably produced..


Tricky.. generally a no no tho it does depend on who you are.. Those who know me will know of my current support, again for naturally produced natural fibres.. Eg Organic Silk, cotton etc.. This stuff doesn't come *cheap* in monetary terms. But it DOES save on the environment.
I have a soft spot for hats.. :D

Technology.. I have a love hate relationship with it..

Lots of technology on this years BD desires! LOL

A new Mac Laptop.
A TV box to go with it..
A Flatscreen
An iPod.
A new phone..

but again.. things I tend to buy myself..

I'm not a great computer gamer tho DO indulge on occasion.. Usually when my teenage nephew is around! :D

The other thing I do love is to see people.. I have to say this means a lot to me. Just spending quality time with friends.. Be it over a meal out, or just at home. Its special time & touches my heart.

I may edit this as I go along but thats it for now...