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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Ouch - my toe hurts!
Well a couple of weeks ago I was tidying up.. & nudged a rather heavy glass ornament, (my own fault, I got it, rather thought mum would like it) on my foot, luckily, for the ornament, it was in it's packing, not so lucky for my foot..
I tried moving it.. no pain.. so shoved it under a cold tap to minimise bruising.. so far so good

No problems with it.. Up until yesterday.. Went for a walk to deliver a card by hand & Ouch real pain & clicking in my left big toe! This could be completely unrelated.. as a kidney patient I have a tendency to having brittle bones.

Anyway.. no point going to A & E on boxing day .. But I'd rather get it checked out, so today dad drove to to the A&E walk in centre, got it xrayed, it's not broken but probably just a stretched or crushed ligament So it's in a bandage but not plastered.. Although the in-house doc said it could be a few weeks before it's back to normal!

If it's not one thing its another!
I really must get some more supportive shoes! I've been wearing trainers far too much.