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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Interesting day..

Haven't done too much..

Weathers been showers & sunshine on & off.. Made a start on a short letter I have to write.. Just need to dig out the address now..

For some reason my picture hosting at FileBucket won't let me upload.. dunno if its my browser or what but its annoying.. No more pics till I sort it out.

Got a brief call from Dr Steve to find out if I'd received an email. I hadn't so he's gonna resend it tonight.

Moved a few plants from the back garden greenhouse. I'm still out of breath but it doesn't seem quite as bad today ? Hard to figure what is going on.. Is the EPO having the desired effect or no.. I guess next week I will get confirmation either way.

Dad has put up trelliswork by the patio.. Just need to get some fast growing annuals up it pronto in time for next month..

Canary creeper & suchlike I think..

It Looks like the strimmer has arrived at Machine Mart.. I don't rate them for customer service.. they are slow to answer the phone. And haven't rung us once even tho we've requested.. Have had to call them 3 times or so to get a real response.. Lets just hope it IS our damn strimmer they have in the shop when we go to pick it up tomorrow..

Gonna stop now.. Need to move cactus onto bathroom windowsill & I KNOW this is gonna make me out of breath!!

Cyas soon happy readers..