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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Dull Day Semi dialysis update
Not a lot to say

tidying up, my room has been shown a vacuum cleaner, but it's not been used yet.
Sorted out a load of paperwork, I have memberships to fill in post, a DWP form to fill in AND a credit card bill to pay.. Paperwork, bleagh
Possibly the highlight might be the opium incense I burnt whilst working, I doubt it's real, but it might be & it smells nice:)
I'm waiting for a call from my doc/the techs who will be arranging a visit to asses my home for home haemodialysis. We spoke at the unit (me & 'rents & the tech) with a good few questions being asked. The machine will have a 'tray' & some stock(dialysers) (artificial kidneys) lines, needles, bicarts, acetate, gauze & syringes) will be stored close the the machine, the rest maybe in the cellar.
My foot is still playing up & I have accidentally bashed my hand on a chair.