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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Brief update, dialysis & domestic!
Not a lot to say.. The home haemo training is chugging along, a date has been set for the dialysis tech & my consultant to visit & do a home assessment.

Dialysis itself is going smoothly from the technical side of things..

Went to the allotment to plant some Roses that I ordered last year from Peter Beales Roses Roses :)
Did I blog the pretty pictures..?? If not I shall link to them in another post so you can all go oooh & aaah!

At least they are in the ground & should survive the winter season.

FINALLY got round to vacuuming a bit in my room, the problem with living in London, or indeed any big city is the dust & pollution. Found a pair of steel toe cap boots that don't fit any more.. So they will have to go.. Lucky for me I have a pair that DOES fit! More to do, & socks & things to order.. I could go out shopping but I'm a damn fussy shopper (sometimes)

Holiday.. The holiday planning is.... not going according to plan, the place/setup we wanted again this year from last year wasn't available.
So we'll have to choose something better. To be honest the Hotel Esmaralda at the time we was really good, both as a place & value for money! Hopefully something will come up.

I also managed to get 3 pieces of paper work done this weekend.. Just another 3 to go! Ohhhh I LOVE paperwork.. NOT!