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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Update on Le Weekend & stuff! Cut!
Well somewhere between the last post & this I've done various things.
Been shopping to Brent Cross with dad in search of a portable DVD player, which was eventually purchased in Curry's (an electronics shop) at the staples corner shopping park, as the store in Brent Cross had none. As it was I spent a little more on a player with an alleged 4 hours playing time. I'm taking it with me tomorrow so I can use it on dialysis. I have a french film, Furia, in it, something I bought a while ago, & have been meaning to watch all the way through. Has great Brian May soundtrack. Dad was looking for a new coat, a waxed cotton outdoor jacket.. M&S is his usual shopping ground, but they didn't have any.

Le Weekend. The event was the second Kidney Patient Guide meet. the first being in August last year.
Started off Sat, me dialysing, & then getting home, & setting off to Arocaria, a local eatery.. They'd agreed to open up at 2 O'clock for me, and I booked for 6 people. A friend of mine Paul arrived, 1 person cancelled in the morning, & another didn't turn up & I couldn't get hold of her. I wasn't that impressed but the staff were OK about it, & the meal was REALLY good. We then took a cab to the Crown Moran Hotel, a very nice pub hotel in Cricklewood, where I met up with the others. It's a 4 star hotel, but I'd give it four & a half at least, the staff were fine for those with disabilities helping them up & down.
Meeting up with the others was great, some I'd met before, some not:) Again we had one of the upper bar areas reserved, & the drinks were soon flowing. A few late arrivals brought Steve, a guitarist & he gave us a few numbers:)
Pic of me below in the group, me on left of photo:)
Another few late arrivals bought the number up to 14, 1 down on last year.
Took a cab a bit after midnight, only a few were staying at the hotel.. Damn minicab driver had NO idea of where he was going & we ended up going halfway round & doubling back.
I realise now my directions weren't great, but I'd have a few!!
Must remember to print maps for BOTH directions.

Got in about 1.. Had a few biscuits, & water to take a tablet with & a cuppa, & then hit the sack.. My mate Paul, staying overnight, hit the sack straight away.. He'd driven down from Cambridge, Sat, post dialysis! Not sure I could do that! Probably could! Whew! Knackering or what!

Heres a pic of most of the group!

It's only today that the tiredness has kicked in & I had a looong lie in this morning! :) Only getting started at about 11!

Today:) After getting sorted, decided after lunch to go to our favourite plant nursery The Clockhouse, as traffic outgoing was heavy to start we stopped at the John Groom Faith garden centre, plantcentre, not a lot of plants yet, but mum picked up a mixed bag of bulbs, Red & white, crocuses & tulips! The nursery is run for & by those with physical & mental disabilities :) Also has a great cactus house & tropical house:) A small touch of Kew!
We went on to the ClockHouse, or AJ Mills as it's know & got some Ericaceous compost & peat. Dad got some seed potatoes, I really love some of the names.. International Kidney! & we picked up a few fairly decrepit herbs. It's no yet the season for bedding & herbs. :)

Hmmm I got some more online shopping done.. & I've still got more forms & subscriptions to deal with! Oh what fun :) Dx tomorrow, & the dialysis home assessment on Friday!
Woohoo, Evening all:)