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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A brief entry on Comedy
OK this is basically a list of links because :

You can look stuff up for yourself..
You may not share my weird sense of humour..


I have a penchant for parody & comedy music..

Thus my audio collection includes the likes of:

Weird Al Yankovic (USA Zany guy! )
Neil Innes (of Rutles, Bonzo the Dog Band & Python, fame)
Bob Newhart (more stand up than musician though he did do several songs)
Les Barker (Yorkshire (I think) folk singer & poet)
Bill Bailey UK comedian, singer & troll like figure!
The Frantics (A kind of Canadian GOONS)
Tom Lehrer
Carla Ulbrich (her repertoire includes the songs, 'Prednisone' & 'Patient 2946065' She should be of interest to anyone reading this from the 'Kidney' community :D )
Monty Python The 1 & only!

Now you can look any of these up here:
http://www.dogpile.comis also good