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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Please Please PLEASE, sign these 2 petitions

The UK is in crisis when it comes to heamodialysis facilities.

Kidney failure is at the BOTTOM of the list alongside mental healthcare when it comes to treatment in the UK compared to Europe.

The treatment may be needed by those with just kidney failure, hereditary, due to alcohol abuse, infections, http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Dialysis/other causes, or links to diabetes, in the absence of a transplant dialysis IS needed. Please sign this petition to get the message across to the Government that MORE dialysis IS vital, for UK residents, when spaces may be taken up by asylum seekers, health tourists etc.

Please add this link to your email signature, post it on your blog, email it to your friends, colleagues & relatives, add it to Myspace.

With regards to ANOTHER petition, a campaign to 'opt out' on organ donatation.

Please think for yourself before signing it. I have personal mixed views about the practicality of such a system in the UK, given our reputation for mismanagement, corruption & misadministration. However if it WORKS it could allow many people to be transplanted sooner rather than later compared to the current situation.

Renal failure & diabetes can be treated to some extent, liver, heart & lung failure can NOT be treated so easily.


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Have signed the top petition .. love the way that government sites are unsecure too LOL

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