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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A fairly mellow day
Not too bad a day, all in all.

I couldn't face swimming as the pool looked too crowded. I haven't had anything resembling a panic attack for a fucking long time, I'm not sure what hit me, but I just froze & said to dad, I can't go in there, it's too busy!.

So I went home, had brekky, Lydia called, having been woken up by a call from the DWP! Great wake up call. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to her GP's as support so I agreed. Doctors I can cope with, busy pools, no.

Went pretty well & most of the things on the list covered.
Decided not to go into the cafe with L, but bumped into one of the tutors from the hospital school, & she asked me if I'd join her for a drink. Which I did;) It was good to catch up, & a lot of the teachers ask after me when they have teachers reunions.
She's still happy to help me with the sensory garden I want to design in memory of my friend Sara.

Headed home for lunch. Finally got to go & get some cordless phones for the house. Not being able to make a call in my room is driving me nuts, esp if I want to call someone in the US, or make a call when I'm on dialysis. So, not installed but Im pleased with them so far. We might have to look at the actual cable setup.

Looking back at today, I really should have got out & about, the weather was so fine, but ce la vie!

Probably some sort of home made curry for supper!

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Maybe a silly question .. but what's DWP??? Not quite up on all lingo ;)

The eeeviiil ones, working in Glasgow.
Department for Work & Pensions

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