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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Just another Thursday

Went to pick up Strimmer from Machine mart this morning..

This AFTER doing all the usual stuff.. tabs, EPO, catheter... Sigh.... its a drag sometimes to do these EXTRA things.. :/

It turned out it WAS our strimmer.. They'd also got the maglites that were on order. Why we can't make Maglites in the UK I dunno! Oh well.
So thats mum & dad happy..

I'd ordered a Pyrography set to use a a hot cutter/pointer for kite making type stuff. Not in on the order, not in the warehouse.. He said he would have to get it in from another store & will call me.. Why am I not that hopeful! !

I will wait a week or so before calling.. Its not urgent but will be a bummer if they don't have it at all!

Had lunch.. Spicy sweet potato soup.. Actually it had other stuff in.. leeks, a bit of lentil.. Very nice though .. That with bread. Then I followed it with a Ham & mustard sandwich on wholemeal! :D NICE :D

Snoozed about in the afternoon then went off to the pot shop..

Nope its not a local legalized weed supplier but
www.worldwidepots.com a small chain of garden pottery suppliers.. Mainly terracotta, some statuary. Also bits & pieces of other stuff.

Very good prices. Bought a few wall planters, tho I realised now why they were cheap, no drainage holes. We will have to drill them carefully.

Also some clay saucers which I use for my houseleeks as it shows them off a treat.

Came home, had a brew, chatted, surfed..

I am a cheeky sod tonight ;)