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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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What a crazy 2 days
Well I'll blog it in full but last night was a great evening with 6 comedians, & Richard Madely (you either like him or you don't) from Richard & Judy doing the after event auction.

More on that later

Today I spent most of the afternoon trying to plug World Kidney Day
in association with the National Kidney Federation. Went round chatting to people & handing flyers, also got something in the local newspaper (hopefully) & contacted the local schools & my MP! Well We'll see what happens.
March the 8th (Thursday is also international womans day! But of course you ladies knew that ;)
Decided that concentrating on GP's & Chemists was a good idea (3 of each where I live) Just need to do the library & another GP tomorrow! Arrgh

Me sleep now!