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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Eventide & me time..
Took a little me time this evening.. Not something I do that often as I am usually on here or doing something.. But it needs to be done on occasion..

I have been neglecting some peeps lately and for anyone thats got to.. I am so so so sorry.. I'll do my bestest not to..

However SuperSize me was on (for US readers its just hit 'terrestrial TV' here (is a term given to the receipt of TV signals via an aerial from a land based transmitter. It is the basic TV in Britain you can receive without buying a digital receiver or subscribing to cable, sky, another paid for service) there are 5 channels, a licence is required to use a TV)

Anyway.. I digress.. One of the better films I've seen in a while..

Glad they showed the blood tests & the surgery..
Bits of it made me laugh.. The school dinners slot was very Jamie Oliver (I guess he'd seen it before he made his program!)

Ate a bowl of Dorito's crisps whilst watching and yup.. It made me feel fat! :)

While I'm here I shall slot in the odd dream I had last night..

I was at some sort of visitor centre.. Almost like a college or school trip or something..

Wasn't that impressed with whatever it was we were seeing but went to have a look at the shop then get something to eat..

I remember putting a couple of packets of stuff in a pocket & the checkouts being unmanned & not clear eg I didn't realise they were there till I walked through them. However no one said anything so I walked on thru..

Next I was in the restaurant/cafeteria & for some reason a lot of people got in front of me.. I wanted I think, bread & soup.. but by the time I got to the front of the queue they were not serving it any more.. For some reason I was very angry.. (I don't think there was much else I could ideally eat there or something) but still they refused to serve me.

At this point I woke up.. heart going tick tock tick tock..

Bits of that dream I can work out.. other bits I can't! the putting stuff in my pocket.. I bought some seeds and put them in my coat pocket the other day.
Not tooo sure about the rest of the dream..

More fun later :p