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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Sunday & Monday
Sunday was quite an impressive night.
Cut for length
Set off with dad to the Mermaid Theatre
The Mermaid
For the Laughter for Life Comedy Show
Laughter for Life
We got there, a few people I knew from Guy's although for some reason they seemed to be huddled in a group all night ??? Very strange to observe that no one really mingled except to chat to the stars? What is that, insecurity? Snobbiness??
Odd species us humans.!!!
Anyway Bill Baily did a fantastic job host with part of his routine thrown in, although I was a little disappointed that he didn't have his thereamin with him, during the act, not that I mentioned it to him after..

So the line up, well apart from Bill
Dara O'Briain
Ian Stone
Rob Rouse
Glenn Wool
Geoff Whiting

I haven't laughed that much in a very long time & it really was a great night, each comedian with their own style, & Bill Baily in between. Also the Big Buzzard Boogie Band
Check em out they are GROOVY!
Andy/Big Buzzard you are the best!!

Richard Madely from Richard & Judy was also there!
(a few pictures to come soon :)
Richard Madely  -  Bill Baily

I feel a real idiot as I used my phone for pictures when I had a better compact camera with me! IDIOT! Still they are viewable, just blurred! AAArrrgh

I've got a better picture somewhere!

So the comedy over there was a reception/charity auction, guess who was doing the auctioning, yep, Richard Madely.. He swears a lot off TV, F words in every sentence LOL, well maybe that's a slight exaggeration. I bet he wants to swear all the time on the show! lol

Had plenty of time to chat to Bill Baily & the other comedians, Bill is a really nice guy very easy to talk to & was genuinely interested understanding kidney failure, although I tried not to dwell too much (it can be very boring)
Rob Rouse seemed to be a really nice guy & the rest of em where pretty good.

Overheard Richard Madely phoning home, presumably Judy, & saying he as on the way back lol, & telling someone he couldn't do an event on mothers day as he'd be at his mums! How sweet! lol

Headed off home, & ended up following Dara O'Briain in the car a fair bit of the way home, up the A1!! He drives a rather luxurious open topped car!
Waved at him at the traffic lights!

Hmmmm so recovered just about on Mon..
I spent a large part of the day distributing flyers for World Kidney day, emailed local schools, newspaper & blogged maniacally! Not done as much as I could have, but next year could be bigger! I should have my face in the local paper on Thursday! Yikes! LOL

Tuesday, Dialysed this morning & slept almost all of this afternoon. Not sure I like this tiredness! Dialyse, eat, sleep, to catch up on being active! Hmm