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"Fools may become wise"

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Early in the morning..
Too fecking early.. 5am in fact..

I woke up from a bad dream about having some sort of surgery on my fistula.. What was getting to me was it was experimental.. unnecessary. A mere whim for 'research'. I remember watching my arm being cut open..

I can see where this has overlayed from. The stomach surgery bit I saw on supersize me last night..

Teach me to eat a bowl of doritoes before bed! I remember wishing I had some popcorn. Something less salty & more suited to poor renal function!

I got up, had a brew & dozed for a bit.

Anyway.. Now around 8 am.. Been through the seed box with um & uncovered/rediscovered some stuff that I may well grow this year.
Not the best day for it so it may wait till the weekend for sowing.
Might go to Wood Green today.. a few things I need to get..

Time for getting dressed & breakfast I think..


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