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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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I quit!
I decided to quit one of the voluntary jobs I've been doing for around 8 years. A web team member for the charity I support. I sent a letter of resignation to the chief exec & circulated it to head office & my committee. I say one of my jobs as I consider being on a voluntary committee work, albeit charity work. Others may not agree.

It felt rather good after I posted it. There are gonna be frowns and some people won't be happy, but I've been warning them for the past year that my webskills went downhill when I lost my memory & was probably going to quit. Tough Shit.

No point me hanging on to a job I can't do, and don't want to do badly
I did mention I will try & find someone to replace me, and already have someone in mind.

Did I mention there is muchos floorspace in my bedroom! *grins* it probably won't last long.

Shower & bed now, or heading that way.. DX in the morning.