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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Films recently viewed..
I can now say I have watched the following films..

Class of Nukem High! WHAt happens if a highschool is next to a dodgy powerstation, , Why, you get green slime, weird kids, and a scary monster of course!
Watched the end of that today!

Funny in a cheesy sort of way, definitely an 80's type film, worth a watch.!

Accepted, a certain person lent it me.. Tis excellente, much haha! A very 'Brick in the wall ' type film Unaccepted kids make their own college!
You should watch it:)

Signs, odd shapes in cornfields found, in the USA of course, Alien encounter, Coverups,
Are the aliens good or bad.. This is America, of course they're bad.. Spooky in places..
Not bad! Seen it before, but good!
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