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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Mooched about this afternoon.. Felt very tired but not really enough to sleep, yet not energetic enough to do much..

Mum turned up back from the plot just as me & dad were finishing lunch..

Ham sandwich & soup for me.. I wasn't very hungry.. though it wasn't that long since breakfast for me.

My bro turned up around then as well..

Pretty standard snoozy bank holiday..

Got the BBQ going about 6ish & the chicken came out fine..

BBQ'd Halloumi (HalloMe:D) and vegetables was very nice as well..

as was hot fruit with honeyrum! Tasty:D

Watched the end of Indian Jones & the Temple of Doom.. Classic stuff! :D
Now pretty snoozy.. Gonna have a shower & then kip I think..


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Completely agree about Temple Of Doom!! Completely forgot about it last night ... luckily I've got it on DVD to watch at anytime :D YAY

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