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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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One Sky One World - Whats it all about?

The International "One Sky One World" organisation was founded in the USA by Jane Parker-Ambrose.
Below is a short statement (taken from her site) providing a basic insight into what OSOW is about

"It is clear that life on the planet earth is at a crossroads. The choice to turn from the path of self destruction from war, and environmental abuse; to love of self, others, and the world is before us. Increasing global awareness will lead to a widespread belief that anything other than peace and mutual concern is insensible, and will move us away from planetary cataclysm toward a better future. One Sky One World festivals will be held annually around the world to promote protection of the planet, peace, friendship and understanding between all people. Beyond this, One Sky One World does not endorse any ideology or political agenda."

"The purpose of One Sky One World, is simply to promote the concept of global harmony and understanding between all peoples of the world through an expression of the universality of kites and the wind. Through sharing the wind, our world wide connection with other flyers and all of nature is symbolically realized. The great air ocean favors no dividing boundaries, ideologies, and human conflict. It is much more the prerequisite for our existence, a catalyst in the chemistry of life, supplying our every breath. The International Kite Fly is an attempt to let the wind lift our kites and our awareness so as to more fully understand the necessity for peace."