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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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LOooong Day..
Busy busy day..

Got up earlyish.. between 7 & nineish.. Had some porridge for breakfast..

Had EPO, half in left leg, half in belly because the ampule ran out halfway..

Weather variable so did a few bits while a rainshower passed..

Once the sun came back out we headed for Parliament Hill for a bit of kiting.

Managed to find a park space..
Going up that hill was hard going.. Had 2 stop a couple of times to catch my breath still..

No one else flying kites there when I arrived but it soon filled up.
Tested the LD 1.5 to make sure I'd put the lines on right. I had..:D Bit gusty though and I am not used to flying, not having flown it for so long.. Didn't fly it much as it was beginning to get very crowded.. Typical for a Bank Holiday Monday..
Too many kids, kiters, dog walkers, picnickers etc..
Spent most of the time flying the single lines Indian fighting kite.. That goes a treat.! :D

I think I need to get some gloves though... even that light line can burn..!!

Flew the 0.6 NASA Wing.. that always goes well but is VERY twitchy.. & quite hard to launch..

So couple of hours there.. Glad I put the sunblock on & the hat.. It WAS gloriously warm.. It always makes me feel more alive.. And people ( especially the ladies ;) Look GOOD! :D :D

Went home had a bit of lunch. Lentil Soup & a half white roll with chedder..
Followed by a siesta of a good hour.. Was reading my book & just Zzzzzzzzz....:D

Felt pretty snoozy after, when I woke but managed to wake up..

Had a brew & then did a bit of work in the garden.. Bro mowed back lawn, dad cut front lawn & I did a bit of weeding & planting in the front..
Dad has also removed some of the Bluebells from the front..
FINALLY got that Abutilon planted that I got from Marina (I think) from uk.rec.gardening a few years back.. Its been sat in a pot since.. I hope it 'goes' or I will be well ashamed ! LOL

After doing that.. watering stuff,. mulching.. etc I was knackered..

I HAVE pushed myself a bit today.. So we will see if today is just a one off or if I 'actually' have more energy overall..

Got a mad busy week coming up.. Gonna be doing some list making..
Got some more online shopping to do. Got hospital on Wed & possibly the Urban Garden show on Thurs.. if I feel up to it..
Add to that seeing Jon & Ros at some point tomorrow..

I've also got to plan & get stuff together for next weekend as I KNOW it will come round fast enough.. Need to get a groundsheeted blanket, and mebbe some sort of sun shade or tent .. that and make sure I've been through the details for 'possible' purchases. See if I can pick up an order from Chalkies while I'm there.. Strange he doesn't seem to have replied to my emails.. That and 'possible' kite purchases! LOL I'm addicted! MUST sell some stuff also.

Right.. thats that for now except mebbe a few emails & chitchat :D