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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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We will rock you +++
So first show of the year. We will Rock you with Paula. I've sworn to myself that I will see Carla Ulbrich the canadian folk/comedy singer this year. She's doing 2 UK gigs. If I can fit in Sam Brown or any of the few I want to see that are in the UK I might. Dunno if Sam has her beautiful voice back tho.

Spamalot is in the works & I'm determined to fit in some other comedy gigs. I'm HOPING that the RSC (Thats Reduced Shakespeare Company) will come up with a UK event soon.
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I'm officially jealous that your going to see We Will Rock You!! I've wanted to see it for YEARS, although I'm kinda holding out for a UK tour as tickets are way too expensive in the West End for decent seats.

This has got to be a first that goes down in history! Heehee! YOU the gigmeister jealous of me for an event. I hope the seats are good enough:) We did check the seeting plan & booked off peak. Still pricy tho.

LOL, yeah I know! Go to loads of stuff yet there's still LOADS I want to see. Really wanted to see it a few years back, but the friend I was with insisted on seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as there wasn't anyone in that she liked in anything I wanted to see (if that makes sense).

I've been thinking about booking for something when I'm down in October, but will have to see what the 2 bands I'm holding out on announce!

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