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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Gardening & stuff
I'm in a bit of a mood, (Grumpy/frustrated) but managed to get some stuff done. I was going to sow some sweetpeas, plant up the containers etc. It's a good day for flowers, up until about 2. Planets etc are all in the right place for influences for flowers. Better for planting, but sowing is the next best thing right now. Did manage to scatter some morning glory seeds around a dull patch. They grow like crazy & keep coming back once they're there anyway.
I did manage to retrieve the path from the lawn. Lawn got rather abused during my party & needs a little attention. Maybe I'll spike it, rake in some sand & resow some areas!

I quite like my new userpic. It was taken in Bella Italia in Leicester square last month! It's edited of course:)