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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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We Will Rock you. Writeup FANTASTIC SHOW!
We Will Rock you is a musical based on the music of Queen.

Set in the future in a world run by the Futuristic GlobalSoft Corporation, headed by the Killer Queen & her evil light suited, white haired, villain sidekick. They also have the pigs (police) to arrest anyone caught not fitting in with GlobalSofts dreams!.
Instruments & rock are legend & taboo in this world ruled by Worldsoft, & independant "bohemians" are captured, tortured & 'reconditioned" (THink "Flash Gorden") to GS.

Galleleo (A Freddy type character) & Scaramoush are thrown together in search of the Bohemians, rock & roll, & to overthrow Globalsoft. The story covers a lot of Queens music.

Along the way they meet other characters such as Britney, Meat, & Pop, as well as the Bohemians. They also encounter the Gaga Girls, & a few other characters.

Pop, is the introductory narrator groupie, in true Shakespearian fashion!

The show contains a LOT of flashing & bright light so DO NOT go & see it if you suffer from epilepsy..

The sets & songs are brilliant. Def going to see it again & see if I can scrounge cheaper tickets off the Sound Designer who happens to be our neighbor Teehee!

Other things.. I wept in 2 or three of the songs!!!

The comedy was good!

At least 2 of the songs involve audience participation! :) Yay!

We paid over 50 quid for our tickets & overheard someone saying they paid 15??
Not booking in half term is cheaper!! & booked WELL in advance. A VERY quick scrounge on the web shows 30 tickets.

Our seats however WERE just right to see the show.. And it WAS a half term matinee!

There's a bit of Romeo & Juliet, Bill & Ted, & sci fi thrown in

Northern Rock were put down!!! :) Theehee!

I AM going to see it again.. I hope with a small group of friends! YAY