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Loooong day
Looong day.. At hospital for about 8ish... Not feeling that great.. I didn't sleep at all well the previous night.. pre appt stress and just restlessness

was about 4th in line.. not too bad..
Got 'extra' bloods done for HB.. Typical the clinic staff knew nowt about them despite the EPO sister saying they'd be left as 'requested'!

Got those sorted so the following have been tested for:

Red Cell Folate
Coombs Test

Speaking with the transplant nurse later I found they can no longer do a Percentage Hypochromic red cell test, which is apparantly the most effective way of testing for iron in Red Cells. The reason.. They bought new lab machines & for some reason no one attended the decision meetings for the purchase from renal! Bloody Typical!

So I get 10 tubes of blood tested!

Saw my counsellor on the way out with dad for a bit.. had a good chat about this that & the other.. He must've thought I'd gone nuts as I spent about 30 mins chatting about kites & stuff,.. as well as renal things and how I've been etc..

Then went for a 'Special' at the cafe.. Dad had to go & move the car but we were lucky as some guy gave us a remaining hour on his pay & display ticket..
The prices have gone up & as a couple of people have pointed out with anemia for 6 months I really should apply for DLA & a Blue Badge as it IS affecting me..
So will have to try & get a form.. they don't make it so easy!

Walked very slowly up to the bank & KVJ.. got batteries & some cash for this weekend.. On the way back started to get cramp in my legs :(

Dozed in the car on the way home.
Felt ROUGH on the way home. Got home to find a package & a letter.

Letter from & package from Germany.. Kites I'd ordered?

However just felt too rough to deal with anything much. Cold, achy & stiff (still muscle pain from the other day) & VERY tired... Took 2 paracetamol, had a HOT shower, and went to bed with Capital Radio on.

That was about 2ish.. Woke up around 4:30ish.. Gradually roused myself.. got a drink.. Had a brew.. checked email..

Then finally got around to getting mum to give me a massage.. It was around 6ish by then. Felt a lot better after.. Need to do that more regularly..

Then went back upstairs.. opened up kites.. Yes it was them.. The Regenbogen-Schmetterling (Rainbow Butterfly) is excellent & well worth the money I think..
I can't wait to fly it at the weekend.. The Rok is very cool too... From

I could well be ordering more from them!

Did a catheter then had supper. Dad had cooked pasta with vegetables was very nice..

Chatted with a few peeps.. now gonna have a brew & then wind down I guess:).. Tomorrows another day..

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hiya ;)

Hiya like u blog :D gr8 idea

DO apply 4 a blue badge definatley 'should' have 1 with u anaemia breathlessness etc etc n cramps n stuff. Get backin from hosp Drs or Gp etc?

I too couldnt sleep :( til really late. Just seeing twins off 2 school then bak 2 bed!!!! haemo n scan later for Rach transport commin 1230.

speak later (((hugz))) Elaine ;) :D

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