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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A poem Unfinished
Crocus Wall
Just a reflection of the past few years, year or so. I guess. It just flowed out

I never thought it'd last this long, & still I feel the pain, of those that left me, out standing in the icy sleet. I walk the street, my muscles ache, thoughts running through my mind. Am I forgiven somehow, somewhere or is life just this unkind.

Do you ever think about me, wander how I'm getting on, or am I just a speck of dust, blown away long gone. If we met again by accident, would you give the evil eye, or take the first step forward & not let something die. I would you know, if I knew how, but left alone to contemplate I don't know when is now.

Do we walk away from life, & carry on as ghosts, or face the challenge, break the chains, be braver than the most. Will we meet again? I wish we could, would, but only time will tell.
I'd rather that we did, before the final bell.

As the darkness of the night, casts shadows in my mind. I wish that you would join me, before we all loose sight. "A friends a friend" or so they say, I think that they are liars. It hurts too much not being in touch, a letter, call or email..
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