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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Didn't get to sleep last night..

I dunno why.. the 2.5 hours deep sleep yesterday afternoon may be.??

As it was I was awake till 4:30 AM!!!
Filled this time with reading (finished a James Patterson book more or less the whole thing in the night), had a few drinks, snacked a bit. Went online for a bit. Wondered about the house.. Chamomile tea didn't work.. Classical music didn't work.

Milk & cookies seemed to do the trick at around 4:30!! so went off to sleep with that & the Kenny G Album I have on in the background.

slept for 3 hours then mum brought me a cuppa (thanks mum!)

So I am now slightly spaced out in the way you get when very probably running on adrenalin (or whatever passes for it in me!! lol)

Got to go vote today.. for my few US readers yep its Election day here in the UK.
As a popular radio station has been saying 'tongue in cheek' if you don't vote, you can't whinge! (Whinging is a popular British pastime :p )

www.bbc.co.uk should cover it for starters .. For other stuff check out your respective news sources.. Indymedia is always..... Well... different! I haven't actually looked yet to see what it says about UK elections!

Chatted to Cheryl this morning.. This was good, haven't spoken to her in an AGES, She is busy with family and work.
She's going to send over the kites I ordered last year (was it last year???) ANyway they should get here in time for my birthday.. Which will be very very very cool:D

Had a bit of a shock last night in that I THINK A web acquaintance has passed on :(
This based on the following..

His posts stopped around late 2004.
Someone with the same unique user/online name is reported as passed away from car crash injuries in VERY late 2004 (a few months,... just... after his last public post on record.) This sorta thing is always a shock even if you don't KNOW someone, you know that they're no longer 'there' and that sucks :(

Enough for now.. Got to get a drink & then crawl round & vote..