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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A Temperate Jungle - The Lushness of the Garden
Crocus Wall
It's the only word to describe it. Lush. We went away for 2 weeks when things were greening up nicely, the lawn was cut.

Upon return the grass was 6 inches high & the whole garden a mass of greenery. The fruit trees, apples, pear, cherry, all now finished flower & forming fruit. The Tamerisk, overhanging the path & pond, the acer next to the pond. The ivies, roses, ferns, brambles, Wisteria. Full of green-ness. I guess I should try to take & post a few photos. It's damp and drizzling with rain at the moment, frogs & I'm sure the fish in the pond appreciate that. Not to mention the slugs & snails.

I put in some extra/different colour irises, which so far seem to have survived.

The 2 mature birch at the back of the garden block the lower landscape in a pleasant way.

The few semi tropical plants & the Gunerra create a landscape off their own.

At the front, Buddlia's & giant papaver's (who's name I forget) are growing up like triffids, lush grey green foliage along with the Mahonia (name I do remember)

The front wall with it's plants in is a mix of red, blue, tiny white & yellow flowers,

How to describe it. A Temperate Jungle. London can be good! And we like it that way.

Even more fun is I've been offered a look at someone else's garden:)