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"Fools may become wise"

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Tired.. no surprises
No surprises for me today thankfully..

Very tired after yesterdays lack of sleep.. What a surprise.. not..

AM.. got up.. brekkied.. did a few bits..

Mum is teaching/holding a meeting this weekend so cleaned floors furiously.. They needed it.

Then went round with her to vote..

Neil Innes Lyrics come to mind..

THIS song in particular..

If you.. the electorate are confused how do you think the candidates feel.. We've had more switching parties this time than I ever remember!

Had some lunch.. nothing spectacular.. bit of soup & a slice of bread & cheese.. I wasn't that hungry..

Went to Wilkos in the afternoon and bought a load of stuff, candles for BBQ, a rug with waterproof backing for the weekend and a few other bits.. Tree ties, a new measure tape and stuff.. There's the best part of 20 quid gone..
Oh well

And on the BBQ front..
After all this:
it best be nice weather
and so far I don't have that many guests!

Oh well may be a quieter affair which is in its way nice.. More personal :D


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