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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Le Weekend, so far. Rather good really:)
Saturday.. Outsiders lunch (& workshop) New venue Leon Tucked round the back of the Tate Modern. :)

Much better food, freerange stuff & tastier. I did send them a comment tho. I mean wraps! Surely outdated! I want some bread with filling! A nice roll or something!

Sunday, so far.. Chilled day, spent most of the morning in the garden, pulling out bindweed, clipping cutting, brambles etc.

I wish I was doing something for the solstice but for the benefit of those interested:

Mars & Saturn may be visible in the Evening. At night Jupiter(all month) 20th Solstice Warmth is the predominant element.

Sun in Venus, opposition with Pluto (Note refers to astronomical constellations, NOT astrological.) (Times not given )
Moon in conjunction with Jupiter:) (Source (biodynamic sowing & planting calendar)

And finally..

Far Above the Clouds